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Gobbling the Gobblers!

the turkey apocalypse commences

Turkey Day!
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celebrating the Thanksgiving Holiday
My view on this may be wholly based in nostalgia but I really hate how everyone goes from Halloween decorations straight to Christmas ones. When I was growing up, back during the grade school years, we used to put up decorations for Thanksgiving too. All the way from kindergarten to the 5th grade there were paper leaves put up on walls, stylized turkey drawing and creations, and Indians and Pilgrims as far as the eye could see in various forms of media...

...but outside of the school boundaries, not so much.

It seems kind of odd to me. I mean we get Christmas off from work and school and we do the same with Thanksgiving...although no one gets Halloween off. Why isn't the day that we all dine on turkey, or tofurkey for those of a vegetarian bend, treated like the other holidays?

Where's all the hoopla?

Strictly speaking, no rules other than this is not an adult community. Everything posted here should be work safe. Beyond that, share jokes, icons, funnies, recipes, and anything else Thanksgiving related that you can lay your hands on!

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